Cedar Chest Make Over

When you have animals you find that everything you have gets ruined.  Maybe we’re not disciplinarian pet parents, but it seems as though our pets rule the roost.  Our last coffee table was a faux leather ottoman that one of our cats had shredded the top of.  This went on far too long!

cedar chest beforeSo, as part of our effort to begin decorating our house, and to stay true to our diy style, we went looking for second-hand furniture we could repurpose. We weren’t completely sure what we wanted, all we knew was that we desperately needed the storage the old ottoman provided, and that it didn’t need to be in great shape.  We were likely going to redo it after all.  Luckily at our last stop we found a cedar chest.  It was the perfect size and solid wood,  pretty helpful if you’re planning on painting.  Plus it was half off,  and anytime less money can come out of our pockets we’re pretty psyched.

Don’t be fooled though,  it needed some tender loving care.  We already had enough brown furniture in the living room and knew we needed a burst of color, so we decided give our new piece a paint job. We decided on turquoise.  It’s not your typical color choice for a living room,  but it does the job of brightening up the room.

After a quick stop at our local hardware store for some paint, we started sanding.  And then the paint went on.  I think it came out really well!  It’s a great addition to our living room,  it has plenty of storage for blankets and really brightens up room.

cedar chest after closed



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2 responses to “Cedar Chest Make Over

  1. Wow that color is so pretty and refreshing! We have a lot of brown in our living room too so we painted an end table green to add some color! http://drabtofabdesign.com/2011/11/endtabletransformation/

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