Hallway Gallery Wall

I heard somewhere that your hallway is always the last place you renovate, and whoever that was is right. The first thing you see when you enter our house is the hallway and stairway to the second floor. Last summer we ripped out the old handrail and parts of the stairway to give us a bright shiny new space. Unfortunately that space was finished, but never decorated.

As avid travelers we have more pictures on flickr than we have places to places to put them. So, we decided to highlight some of our travel pictures and memorabilia on our hallway, now called gallery,  wHallway with picture framesall.  It may look easy to put a bunch of pictures up on a wall at different heights, but let me tell you, it harder than it looks!  We started in the hallway with three pictures, and therefore three sizable holes, already there.  We knew these pictures would stay since they were memento’s of a trip I took with my Grandmother to Kenya and Egypt in high school.  There was no way the banana paper animal prints or the papyrus map of Egypt were not going to be in the hallway.

We may have started our process backwards, but our first stop was to find frames.  We knew we wanted to have a mix of large and small and different colored frames.  We were lucky enough to find a number of frames that suited our needs on clearance so in total the whole project probably only cost us $50.  The three pictures previously in the hallway had already been framed professionally, so we didn’t need to worry about those.

The next step was finding pictures, and this was more difficult than anticipated,  especially when you have upwards of 20,000 pictures on flickr to go through.  We narrowed it down to a few trips that we wanted to highlight and started in going through the sets.  We decided on the giraffe from South Africa, winter snorkeling in Iceland and people we saw in Morocco.  Then we grabbed a pillow we’d framed and had hanging in the kitchen from our honeymoon to Thailand and gave it a new home in the hallway.

Once we decided exactly what pictures we wanted to put up, we tried to lay all the frames out on the dining room table to figure out the best placement.  We didn’t want a wall full of holes as we moved things around.  After several attempts to find the perfect location for each picture,  the planning stopped and we just decided to put them up on the wall.  It’s hard for those of us who are spatially challenged to be able to visualize how everything will look without actually seeing it.  It turns out that holding the pictures up on the wall works pretty well.

Luckily, we’re both pretty happy about how the gallery wall came out. We have however left enough space at the top to add other photo’s as they come up.  There are plenty of other vacations we’d like to highlight, it’s just finding the exact pictures to display.  But, when we find them, we’ll be ready!  What do you think?  Are you planning a gallery wall or other hallway renovations?


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