Getting to Know You…

The first bedroom to get a major overhaul was our spare bedroom. This would give me the chance to practice my drywall skills, and lay down hardwood floors. I hadn’t done that since I helped my Dad with the floors in my parents house many (many many) years ago. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was more than overwhelmed by the amount of work that needed to be done to the house. Part of that feeling was because I had little to no knowledge of some of the more important tasks that needed to be done, ie. electrical. Knowing that the entire house need to be rewired i found that it was best to take an electrical course at the local technology center to sharpen my skills. It was money well spent. While I can’t recommend that everyone should dig into their master breaker box (don’t do it), I have found those skills to be more than useful over the years. Each room in the house needed to be rewired. This bedroom was no different. On the project list was new outlets all around, a ceiling light, new drywall on the ceiling and walls, new flooring, new doors and a reno’d closet. There really is no better way to get to know your house, then by ripping it apart.

My first step in any project this size is to lay out where the electrical is going to go. Figure out how many circuits you need, where the outlets will go, light switch, etc. Most of the house was plaster and lathes with blown in insulation, so this step always leads to a mess, especially when dealing with a ceiling. You can see with the picture below where my wiring came up from the basement, and you also get a glance at what the old doors looked like in the house.


Once the wiring was done for the room, it was time to start installing drywall. If you have ever hung drywall, you know why the pros are expensive. This really is an art. hanging isn’t so much the difficult part, it’s the mudding that takes practice.


And the best bit of advice I can give anyone who wants to drywall a ceiling is rent one of these badboys seen above. A drywall lift is worth the money and time, and your back. It makes a two person job a one person job.

We found a great deal on prehung 6 panel pine doors that are made not too far from where we live. And it gave us the ability to pick them up when we needed them. here are the two doors installed…

Once the doors were installed, that left installing the floors. We wanted something cheap and prefinished so we went with bamboo. Looking back on it,, I don’t think I would do it again. The salesmen at Lumber Liquidators told me they were stronger than any other hardwood floor, but they have dented really easily. They look good, but be careful of high traffic areas.

This is a good time to introduce Charlotte, our doggie.


For the record, laying flooring in any room that isn’t square is a pain in the ass. Especially for someone who doesn’t do well with math.


Window and door trim done. Time to move in!


This room will eventually become Sara’s office, which she’ll show off in a later post. I’ll also post the new closet at a later date.


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  1. Wow, you’ve done an amazing job with that floor! We’re hoping to lay a wood floor in our hallway and family room. Although we had a gread find at the weekend – we discovered underneath our living room carpet is a parquet floor, its not in great condition in places so we need to look into how much it would cost to fix it, but if we can it would be great!

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