I Shutter to Think….

… of climbing up a ladder more than 6 feet. I’m terrified of heights, and it’s kept me from accomplishing a few things on my outdoor to-do list. The first is installing a roof vent to our bathroom ventilation. For now it sits unused with the line leading into the attic. The other project I have wanted to do for years now is to add shutters to the house. In Maine they serve no other purpose other than to look pretty, but I think it makes a huge difference. I did a mockup in Photoshop with an old picture of the house from several years ago to see what the difference would look like. Here is the before…


And here is the potential after…


I’ve looked around for pricing and it would be about $400 to do the house with vinyl shutters. Worth the price?




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13 responses to “I Shutter to Think….

  1. Yes …looks a lot nicer with the shutters.

  2. Wow, what a difference!! I think you should definitely do them. $400 seems pretty cheap considering you have a lot of windows!

    • Matt

      I think so! We have a discount vinyl siding-window store in the area that sells vinyl shutters. I may hold off on doing the back of the house to save some money, but $400 seems like a good deal for such a big difference. Thanks for subscribing!

  3. p.s. I just subscribed to your posts! 🙂

  4. I just saw a bunch of shutters at the Lewiston Marden’s….downstairs!!

  5. Peter

    Vinyl shutters are great. Just repainted my parents this summer and they make the house pop!! No shutters on the backside at their house either.

    If you need help – let me know. Never been afraid of heights.

  6. Joan Hamann

    What a difference! Absolutely! $400.00 seems like a great price too!

  7. Joe B

    Thinking Green!! There also a great place for bats to hangout during the day…I know from first hand experience!

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