Taming the Hoard

Everyone knows that students are hoarders.  And that hoarding goes up exponentially based on the level of education you are attaining.  I’m a PhD student.  Enough said right?  Since entering my graduate career, I’ve found that I’ve accumulated a lot of paper.  My graduate program requires a large amount of reading,  mainly journal articles,  and you never know when you’re going to need to reference that *special* journal article you read three years ago.  This led me to have a variety of paper piles scattered around the house.  This created a variety of problems.  First,  it became difficult to find things. And really, why have things if you can’t find them! Second, well,  all that paper creates a pretty decent mess.

So,  in an effort to solve both problems we looked to our attic.  Luckily for us we have a variety of furniture that we inherited when my grandmother died several years ago.  Sure it was pea green and scratched, but it had good bones.

The piece was sanded down and several coats of paint were put on to give it a clean look.



I certainly love my bright colors, but it seemed most appropriate to paint it an off white.


A coat of paint didn’t fix the storage problem though,  but a bit of good old ingenuity did.  First, we took out the shelves that were in there …

And then we installed drawer pulls.


Here is the finished product in the new office.


Add some hanging files and you have a PhD students dream, perfectly organized research articles!

Repurposing furniture is one of my favorite things to do.  Have you ever repurposed furniture?  What did you do?


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