I Hate You, Plumbing (Stomps Feet Like a Child)

That title is no exaggeration. Part of do it yourself home renovation is knowing when to hire a professional. If you are nervous about tapping into your breaker box, hire an electrician. If you hate heights and don’t want to climb on your roof, hire a roofer. If you can’t stand hanging and mudding drywall…..you get the idea. For me, my weakness is plumbing.  I’d rather spend the day shopping for clothes than painting. I’m proud of the fact that I have several family members that are talented at a number of trades. None of those involve plumbing. It doesn’t run in our blood apparently. So when a recent plumbing project presented itself…yup… you guessed it. I decided to DO IT MYSELF!

Maybe I should back-track a bit first. A few weeks ago I was home sick with the flu and our washing machine decided to die. I had a repairman take a look at it and he said it would cost a minimum of $200 to get it fixed (it cost us $70 for him to tell me that). We made the decision to “put the machine down” and send it to the recycle yard. It was about 7 years old, and according to the guythatchargedtoomuchtotellmewhatwaswrongwithit it was probably time to just purchase a new machine. It was a front loader, and we were happy with it, so we knew we wanted to replace it with another front loader, and possibly get a new dryer so we could stack them. After some shopping around, a good friend of mine got us a sweet deal on an LG washer and dryer ($1,200)! We wanted the stackable washer and dryer to reduce the size of the laundry closet in the dining room. This house wasn’t built to do laundry.

Here is what we started out with. Functionally it was great but it took up too much room.

Brand New with Oraganizers!

That is the dead washing machine to the left. Sad face. We got $20 for it at the local metal recycle place. We also sold the dryer for $75. Bonus! For the life of me I can’t find a before picture from the dining room to give you an idea of how much room this closet took up, but you’ll get the idea.

laundry closet1

See all that extra space? And see the new washer and dryer?! The demo begins with tearing out the wall. I’ll try to keep the framing and just move it over to save time and cost.

laundry closet3

You can kinda see how big the closet is in this next picture. When we have 6 or 8 people at the table, an extra 2’3″ in the room is a big difference. You read that right. All this work for an extra 2’3″.

laundry closet4

laundry closet5

laundry closet6

So why couldn’t all the plumbing be on the other side of that wall? Because that would be too easy! I spent the day today moving over the drain and hot/cold water lines. After fixing a few leaks, making several trips to HD and Lowes, up and down the stairs a dozen times, swearing every so often, wishing I was dead, putting holes where they shouldn’t be, re-cutting, re-gluing, drinking heavily and pacing up and down the hallway, everything seems to be ok. There is nothing more rewarding than accomplishing a task that seemed impossible only a few days earlier, and I only glued my arm with PVC cement once, and bled a few drops! That being said, if you get a quote from a plumber, pay what they are asking. It’s worth every penny.

The area above the washer and dryer will become storage and be accessible from a new set of doors that I’ll install. The closet itself will have new doors as well. More pics on that soon, and well as part 3 of the bathroom renovation.




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4 responses to “I Hate You, Plumbing (Stomps Feet Like a Child)

  1. Great job Matt and you have to know that Sarah was with you in spirit all the way. Yes, we talked about how hard you were working while at the spa…that’s devotion!!

    • Matt

      If I’m going to swear while doing a project, I’d rather the house be empty! I’m glad you had a great spa day with Sara. She wants to drag me to one, but I’m just not into it. Too many house projects!

  2. Arlene

    Personally I love the “wishing I was dead” and “drinking heavily” parts. We must have learned our electracarpenplumbah skills from the same people! Great job!!

    • Matt

      Thanks Arlene! I’ve always said that if you haven’t taken your life into your own hands during a home renovation project, it can’t be called a home renovation project.

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