Bathroom Renovation Part 3

The final bathroom post!

See how you can look through the bathroom wall into the bedroom? Jealous? Ever wonder what it’s like to drop your drawers and feel a draft coming in from another room?



One thing I’ve become pretty good at is hanging drywall. I don’t enjoy…. I’ve just gotten good at it. This room had alot of angles that made it a little difficult, but it went up fairly fast. We used the moisture resistant drywall for this project, and insulated the exterior AND interior walls to quit the room. No one wants to hear you doing a number 2 from the other room. The picture below gives a good perspective on how much room we gained by moving a few walls. The back wall with the light attached to it moved back 8 inches or so, and the entryway wall was originally where the stub wall for the shower sits. We gained alot of room by making those changes.


bathroom19 copy

See that little space under the tub that leads to the plumbing? The space that’s small enough for a cat to fit in? That’s where one of cats decided to hide for a bit. It reminds me of an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. It was a scary experience, but everyone made it out alive. I ended up keeping that area closed up, but easily removable to access it in the future if we need to. The small piece of drywall and trim can be pulled of without too much effort.

Our makeshift shower curtain and backer wasn’t up for long… we moved right along to the tile floor and travertine shower surround. I’m much more comfortable with the details of home renovation. Framing walls and such isn’t my thing, so the finish seemed to move along alot quicker. We had the shower done one weekend and the floor done another.


Overall the tiling job went well. We did run into a problem with the tub not being level, and of course we realized this after the point of no return. That is still something that I haven’t fixed. The tub isn’t go anywhere, but I need to find a way to hide the mistake. The drywall got several coats of mud. Bad dandruff, or mud dust? You decide.


And paint! I love painting!!


We decided to put in a transom window to the hallway to offer more air circulation and light going to the hallway. It turned out to be a really nice feature that I think someday we may do to another room upstairs. It was a tight fit getting the window in, but we like the way it looks.


You can also see from the picture above my first attempt at floating shelves (to the left, to the left). Bonus points for whoever guesses what song that’s from. These have added alot of storage that we would have lost from the original bathroom plan. Here is a not-so-great picture of them. I drilled some holes in the back corner to allow wires to pass through for an ipod dock. The angled wall you see below them is the wall leading downstairs from the staircase. Added the shelves has made that space less awkward.



We painted the stub wall at the end of the tub to match the vanity, and trimmed it to match the rest of the room after I took this picture. Here is a shot of the window trim and the throne.


And that’s it! Wasn’t that easy?

 hallway bathroom door



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23 responses to “Bathroom Renovation Part 3

  1. Peter Ramsay

    I think you’ve missed your calling – great job as usual.

    • Matt

      Thanks Peter. I’ve made the first step and called a realtor on another property near ours. It’s super cheap and needs lots of work, but it has lots of potential and is in the revitalization zone in Bangor. Could be a good investment.

  2. Dad

    To the left, to the left……uhmmmmmm, “Stripes” with Bill Murray?

  3. I believe the song you’re referring to is “Tootsie Roll.”
    Oh, and nice looking bathroom! =)

    • Matt

      I had to look that one up. Tootsie Roll is incorrect (to the left, to the right), but close. Hint: I’ll take “People who are married to Jay-Z” for $100 Alex.

  4. Katie

    Another job well done! I love the transom and molding over the door.

  5. Kelly

    Oh, I thought you were referencing the Cha Cha Slide but now I see it is the Beyonce song.

    Great work! Do you have a photo of the hallway now with the door moved up?

    • Matt

      Thanks Kelly! I added a picture of the hallway with the door moved to the end of this post. The hallway is another project I’ll blog about later 🙂

  6. ….everything you own in a box to the left!!! Beyonce 🙂 You did an amazing job with the bathroom!! It looks fantastic!! I think the window above the door is a really nice touch too.

  7. Amy

    Amazing Matt! I absolutely love the tile work and the transom window is gorgeous. Martha is going to have to learn how to do those floating shelves. You are so talented! Can’t wait for an in person tour 🙂

  8. Angie Sue

    Why don’t you turn this into a television show?!?! Renoventures is a great name too!

  9. It’s beautiful. Every single little detail is just… beautiful!

  10. The bathroom looks great…love that little window above the door 🙂

  11. What an incredible job. And I LOVE the transom. Wonderful!

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