Honey, I Shrunk the Laundry Closet

More progress has been made on our laundry closet project, with special thanks to Mark Knopfler for the accompaniment. I always draw motivation from whatever I am listing to. In most cases its 80s music, but I’ll throw in some other stuff to keep it fresh, yo. If I’m painting or doing other mindless work I like to listen to podcasts. Cartalk has always been a favorite of mine, but I’m also really into WNYC’s Radiolab. Why not educate yourself while catching up on a project?

Anyway, on to the progress.

This weekend the goal was to get the doors of the closet put on, and patch up the last few areas of drywall.



This is what I started with this weekend. Cutting the closet in half has caused a few problems with storage, but I think I have that figured out. I’m going to build a slide out shelf that will hold laundry stuff, like detergent, so that it can be tucked away when not in use. The ironing board is the challenge. I use it almost every day it seems, since I got my Rowenta (I love you Rowenta 🙂 Having it close to the tv is mandatory, so unless Sara wants to give up some valuable space in her closet upstairs, or purchase another tv, the ironing board is going to live in this closet. I’ll be swearing about that project in another post.

The doors went on fairly easy. I had to square up the surround, since the previous bifold doors were installed before we had the house leveled. Such is life in an old house. These doors were a find at Lowes. They were originally meant to be bi-fold doors but we don’t like to play by the rules.


We’ll add some fancy pants hardware once everything is trimmed, and the storage space above will be accessible through a pair of doors that I’ll have to make to match the doors below.


I slid the washer/dryer to the right to make room for the sliding shelf, but you can see the limited space I am working with here. I also insulated the free space around the door to keep the noise down. The new wall is insulated as well, so the combination of that new feature plus the new washer and dryer makes for a much more quiet living area.


And here is the progress so far. There is still alot to do, but this project is nearing completion.

In other news, maybe because it’s spring here in Maine and we’re out and about, but I find myself noticing older homes more and more in my neighborhood. I see potential in them where others may not. There is an older home up the street from us that looks abandoned that I can’t help but stare at every time I drive by. It has amazing detail, but it’s in dire need of repair. Maybe some day I’ll snap a picture of it before it succumbs to the elements. It probably has an amazing story, the kind you read about at the end of a This Old House magazine. I wonder who lived there, or died there. I wonder if the inside looks just as bad as the outside. I wonder if anyone will want to save this old house, or if it will be torn down and turned into a parking lot.

Does anyone else wonder about old homes in their neighborhoods? Do you see them as potential or eyesores?




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6 responses to “Honey, I Shrunk the Laundry Closet

  1. Would it be weird to say that I’m jealous of your laundry closet? I’d love to be able to do this somewhere on our main floor, but we just don’t have the space. Oh well.
    As for the old houses, YES! I think about that all the time. I always think about what I’d do to fix them up if I lived there.

  2. UG

    I own the 2nd oldest house in town and it is an eyesore 2nd only to a wallet sore! Wish you lived closer, you could do 5 years of blog work in my place.

  3. I like your little laundry nook! Good thinking on the insulation too. I LOVE old homes, and I do the same thing every time we drive by one that’s for sale. I wonder what the inside looks like.

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