Pantry Raid!

After the completion of our hidden door project, the pantry was looking like an easy task comparatively.

The old pantry was functional, but ugly. It had fixed shelves covered with nasty contact paper. I remember having a mice problem as well. They would climb up from the basement and make their way into whatever they could. It was nasty. Nobody wants uninvited critters over for dinner.

Here is an old shot of the pantry shortly after we bought the house. Again, I fail to take pictures before I start ripping stuff apart. Someday I will learn!


That’s the pantry behind the stove, Charlotte and Sara to the right.

My first step was taking out the old pantry guts and squaring up the area. This is what I had after taking out the old shelves. The rough area inside wasn’t square, so after spending several hours trying to solve that problem I put up some bead-board panels. We had a door that wasn’t serving a purpose, it just needed a door jamb, and it was a perfect size.




The next step was building the drawers. This is the detailed stuff that I like doing.

The first step was to set up the router table and make the dado for the drawer base. Multiply this step by every drawer side, front and back.





Did I work into the night? Why yes, yes I did! I also wore ear protection as you can see in the picture. While we are on the subject… always protect yourself when you can. Ear protection and safety glasses are cheap. I got into the habit of wearing them when I worked with my Dad at my first real job, working at an architectural woodworking shop. I wore them all the time, so much so that I felt uncomfortable using any power equipment without them. Get into the habit! Norm Abram would agree with me.

Enough with the lecture. 🙂

The next morning, I did some adjusting to get the drawers to fit just right. Of course, Charlotte jumped in to lend a paw when she could. I put a coat of dark stain and polyurethane to seal them up, and they were all set to be installed.



And here is the pantry all stocked.


And the full extension drawer.



The pantry door would eventually get a coat of paint, hardware, and some crown molding at the top.


And there it is! A new pantry! What would I do different? Stock with more chocolate, of course!



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  1. Stacey@agoodehouse

    That is awesome! Great use of the space and those full extension drawers must make it so easy to get to everything. Just perfect.

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