Laundry Closet Doors

One of my favorite things to do is use my router. I am a router freak. If there was a support group for router users I would be a card carrying member. Whenever I get the opportunity to route something, chances are that I will do it. Back in the day when I used to work with my dad, I’d get to use a router that can only be described as the “Ferrari of Routers”. It seems like it would take 5-10 seconds to get up to speed, and given the right circumstances could easily tear your arm off. I’ve looked around for one similar to what I used to use, but haven’t been able to find it. I still get by with my Ryobi setup from Home Depot though. It’s my leatherman of shop tools.

My task for this past weekend was to try to make a few custom doors for the laundry closet. They are nothing fancy, just something to fill the space. I started off with some 3/4 pine and poplar stock. After measuring for the hinge depth and space between the doors, I did some cutting and routing.

Doors1 copy

The joints are held together with biscuits. The 1/4 mdf panels sit in the routed grooves to help hold it together as well.

Doors2 copy

Here is the completed panels, minus the cleanup and paint. These will eventually be white.

Doors3 copy

And this is where they will eventually sit! Not a bad little saturday project.

Other projects happening in the VERY near future are a new driveway (posts soon) with a small block retention wall and fence. I can’t wait for that project to get going. That will of course be left up to the pros.



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