Painting the Doors

Since it was Memorial day weekend and the weather didn’t look half bad,  I decided to take advantage of it and paint and hang the pantry closet doors. We have been deciding if we want to order new kitchen cabinet doors, or make them ourselves. In all of that mess we have to decide how the paint is going to match and look. This was a good chance to test out a few processes. I decided to try spray painting the top laundry closet doors to see how the finish would look.

painted doorsA

They look ok here in the picture, but the finish was rough, even with a few coats of primer. It was suppose to be a glossy finish, but it ended up being on the flatter side. I think we may end up painting the new kitchen cabinet doors by hand with a brush, unless I can figure out what happened here.

Hanging the doors was an easy next step. I also added a few magnetic catches to keep them closed.

painted doorsB

Having the doors up gives me a better idea pf how the molding will finish it all off. I still don’t have a plan for the very top. Ideally there would be crown molding at the top, but there may be a better way to trim it.

painted doorsC

Addition of some cabinet hardware, 3 coats of paint on the doors and this painting project is done.

painted doorsD

painted doorsE




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6 responses to “Painting the Doors

  1. acitygirlscountrydream

    Did you make those doors yourself or did you order them? They look nice.

  2. acitygirlscountrydream

    never mind I just saw your post on the laundry doors and see you made them yourself. Good job!!

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