Olympic Fencing

I’m not much of a sports fan, so this weekend while the Olympics are in full swing on the “teevee” I’m spending the day out back working on our own fence. When we had Charlotte, we had planned on installing a fence out back to keep her in the back yard. She was good at staying on our property, but it was more a peace of mind for us to know that she couldn’t escape if given the chance. When Charlotte passed, we kept with the fence plan. The newest member of our family, Claire, learned alot at her foster home before we adopted her but she’s still learning her name and commands. “Come here Claire!” hasn’t registered yet.

Here is Claire visiting the ocean for the first time. She’s about 17 weeks old in this picture.


She’s been a great addition to our family, even if she is a handful.

So we decided to still go ahead with the installation of the fence since she is still a puppy, and learning. We would need it now more than ever. I did some price checking to see what was the best way (and cheapest) to get a fence installed. We decided to go with the decorative metal fence from Lowes. It didn’t involve setting the posts in concrete, and was less than a third of the cost of permanent aluminum fence. It won’t be as solid as the permanent aluminum fence, but after setting a few sections up…. I think it will be fine. It will certainly keep Claire where she needs to be, and if she gets big enough to jump the fence like a crazy Olympic horse jumper, it will be easy enough to replace.

Here is the before.


The little square area next to the deck had to be leveled off to keep the fence straight, but since we haven’t had a solid rain in weeks the grass peeled right off the top soil.



The gate doesn’t have a solid locking mechanism yet, but we’ll figure something out. I also have one more section to go on the right had side that will fill in to the deck. That should keep the pup out of that area. You might also notice the plant next to the steps in the picture above. We got them both at a surplus store earlier this year and they were doing great, then all of a sudden one of them died on us. I’m not sure what we did to it, but it lost it’s leaves. Any ideas? They are the same plant and get about the same sun and water.



So that is the start of our fencing project. Do you have any DIY fencing stories? Please share!



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