Can’t see the chicken wire, can you Russ?

We had a few more sections of fence to finish up in order to keep Claire safe and off her leash in the back yard. Some of it had to be done with chicken wire, and the other few sections we finished up with the fencing that we used in the other project. The fencing we were using before from Lowes was out of stock, and they had a delivery date of 3 weeks from now, so we opted to use a smaller height fence of the same style from Home Depot. The first section to go up was the area next to the deck. I had originally intended to use a full height section, but given the change in elevation that wasn’t going to work. I think it was Sara’s idea to use the different size, but I’ll take credit for it 🙂


We may end up doing something for under the deck, but for now we’ll keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn’t escape. Don’t let her cute looks fool you. She can be a terror.


The shrubs on the side of the property were an easy getaway spot as well, and we didn’t want to use the decorative fencing for this since it would have cost alot more, and it would have been difficult to install with the shrubs being in the way. We decided to go with a 3′ chicken fence from Home Depot, in green.


It was a little more for the green color… but not by much, and it would blend nicely with the plants. The entire time I was putting this bad boy in, I had a line from Christmas Vacation running through my head….”Can’t see the line can you Russ?”.  Don’t know that movie? Watch the scene here.

So here I am with my head in the shrubs.



I used my trusty staple gun to attach it to the shrubs. It was an easy project. Can’t see the chicken wire, can you Russ?

On to the next corner of the house. These sections of fence go in quickly and do a good job of keeping puppies in, and stray cats out. For those out shopping for this stuff, these sections were $5 cheaper at Home Depot. Sometimes it pays to price shop the Lowes/Home Depot, and if you find it cheaper at Lowes… Home Depot will beat it by 10%. I don’t think Lowes will do the same thing, but it may be worth checking.




And that completes the fencing project for this summer!



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