Straight out of “Compostin”

I’m sure that NWA had at least a passing interest in composting when they  wrote the lyrics “Mix em and cook em in a pot like gumbo“.  That’s kinda like composting right?  Are you still with me?

To say I have a one track mind is an understatement, so when I saw my first compost bin I knew I was going to have one someday, and quite frankly so did Matt.  There was one problem however,  we don’t have a lot of space to have one in the yard,  oh and I didn’t want to spend the nearly $100 bucks to have one.  Seriously,  $100 bucks for a place to put my kitchen scraps?  Yeah, not so much.  So, when I saw a post over at Young House Love on how to make a compost bin out of a tote, I was in.

We got this bad boy at Walmart for a whopping $8.  That’s more my speed.


I drilled some holes in the bottom and top of the tote to let air move around and *hopefully* make a nice home for some worms.  (Another one of my obsessions currently revolves around having a worm family in my compost bin).


Then I took a newspaper and shredded it to put in the bottom of the tote.  (Do you see a misbehaving puppy in my former lily garden?  See her little mouth open and biting.  That’s what we like to call “Velociraptor” Claire. Women and children first!)


Once that was done we put in some soil and added some of the vegetables we grew this summer that we didn’t pick in time.  Note that our vegetable garden was a pretty big fizzle.  We got some cucumbers but they were pretty bitter, and the rest of our vegetables either didn’t grow or we didn’t pick them in time to eat them.


You’ll probably want to cut up your vegetables before you put them in the compost bin, at least that’s what the internet tells us.  I’m a little bit lazy and couldn’t be bothered.  We’ll see if it makes a difference or not.

We finished by mixing everything together and putting the top on the tote.  Ultimately the bin went behind our shed, a nice shady area away from the house where we made a bed of sand to put it on.

We also bought a container to put kitchen scraps in so we don’t have to trek outside every time we have something to put in the bin.


It’ll take a while before we reap the rewards of our effort.  I’m hoping to have compost for my side garden next summer.  Fingers crossed! Have you ever made a compost bin? How did you do it?


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