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I’ve Got the Whole World, on my Wall…

I get a lot of *feedback* when I want to make changes in our house, especially when it comes to walls, be it the color or what’s on them. We started off with pet pictures and God awful yellow paint…
Living Room Back

Then we went to white paint (which was an obvious mistake) and travel pictures….

Let’s face it though, the travel pictures have been up so long they’ve started to yellow. If that’s not a clear sign that you need to update the decor I don’t know what is!

The dilemma, find something that speaks to who we are, is interesting and modern, and doesn’t cost a fortune.  So, after some time on Etsy, I found the perfect project, a map of the world. It wasn’t just any map of the world though, it was the world on pallets. Since that little piece of art would have set us back $150, I decided to get my craft on and make it my own.

So, we found a pallet on the side of the street and found a free template online. Unfortunately it took us several tries to figure out the right size template, we overestimated the size and ended up going much smaller than we had anticipated.  We decided to lay the template out on the pallet before we cut it just to make sure we were close.

Thankfully it all fit!


Once we determined the template would work, we cut down the pallet to the right length and Matt nailed it together using part of the pallet on the back to secure the other pieces to.  Note, if you use a pallet you’ll end up with holes somewhere on your map.  That was okay with us, we thought it added some extra interest, but just know you’ll have to deal with it!


So far you’ve seen the easy stuff.  I’m not going to lie, transferring the template to the wood was a pain.  Be prepared to spend several hours doing it, we did.  I’m sure there are easier way to do this,  we used a pencil and traced it onto the wood.  The lead didn’t always transfer that well and several times we ended up having to freehand it a bit.  Eventually it came out really well, but it was much more time consuming than I had anticipated (hence the $150 price tag to buy one).


This was pretty early into the tracing and I’m already a little annoyed.  Patience is not one of my virtues.  If it’s not one of yours I suggest you abandon this project immediately.

Once the stenciling was done we moved outside and started staining.  I suggest you stain outside like we did unless you a) have no sense of smell or b) really want a buzz.


The painting was pretty easy.  We bought a small paint brush and some dark stain and just painted away.  This part went pretty quickly and easily, just make sure that once you get to the lines you have little stain on your brush or it will bleed.  Other than that, not a tough job!
I’m thinking it came out pretty well…maybe you’ll see me on the next craft wars. I’ll give Tori Spelling a run for her money.


What do you think? Would you do it in your home?


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