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Repurposing a room to make way for baby

For the past several months I’ve been telling myself that I need to write a blog post. Part of my reason for not is that I haven’t had any decent sized house projects to blog about. There has been alot going on lately though. To start, I switched careers after being with the same company for almost 12 years. It was time for a change, and I needed a new challenge. The switch has been amazing, to say the least. I have wanted to work in education for a while, so when the opportunity presented itself I jumped on it. To add to the “everything is new” theme, we will also be adding a little baby boy in August. Commence more house projects!

We were fortunate in that when we bought our house, it was a little bigger then we needed. Now that a baby is on the way, we could convert an unused bedroom into the baby’s room. When I originally reno’d this room I didn’t completely finish it. The baseboard molding never got done, and I didn’t finish the closet. My first task was to repaint the walls, ceiling, and finish off the molding.


We decided to go with a light blue for the ceiling. The walls are white, but we’re going to add a cow print at some point soon.  On the wall you see here in the picture above, I added a light dimmer that has a remote. That will be nice for when the baby arrives, and we fall asleep with him in our arms. Also on this wall will go a tv for (already hardwired), and the baby monitor. We have a credenza that we’ll repaint that I’ll post about once it is complete. That will be our changing table and storage for diapers and other baby supplies.


In the left hand corner will go the chair, and the crib will go to the left as well. The closet door is on the right.

The windows are almost complete. I just need to finish off the apron on both and that will complete the molding for the room. We’ll add blinds and curtains of some sort as well.

The room has come along way. Here are a few pictures from the before.

office renovation

office renovation

Taping and Mudding

Laying down the subfloor




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