Breaking on Through to the Other Side

There’s just something about sitting back and watching progress happening to your house without having to lift a hammer. This isn’t the norm for around here. I’m usually the one to get my hands dirty so we don’t have to pay someone to do something that we could do ourselves, but it has been nice to see progress when I get home from work. With the impending arrival of the baby, it was nice to get this project moving faster than normal.


With the installation of the exterior door and progress being made to the siding, it was time to tackle the new passageway to the house. This was one of the last steps for the contractor before I could take over the construction.

Here is the old doorway getting prepped to be framed in.


And here is the wall that will get the new doorway.


The old wallpaper is one of the last visuals of what the house looked like back in the day. I can’t say that I’ll miss it. And just to clarify, it was previously covered up with beadboard paneling inside the laundry closet.

And here it is with the new hole!


One detail that bugs the crap out of me is the level of the floor. The addition sits a few inches higher than the existing floor in the house. It’s kinda a bummer, and presents a challenge when I try to blend the two room together. Not much we can do about it at this point. This entryway will remain open. We won’t have a door here because we want the light to shine in during the day, and keeping the air flow is going to be nice in the summer. I’m also planning on adding a transom window in the doorway, similar to what I did in our bathroom.

Here’s a look at what it looks like inside the addition.

The soon to be bathroom, which you’ll enter through a pocket door.


And the future mudroom.


The outside of the addition has really come full circle at this point, and we were so happy with the way it turned out. It’s just big enough to give us extra space in the house, and still gives us enough of a back yard for Miles to play when he gets bigger.



We still have lots of landscaping to do. Hopefully we’ll tackle that this spring.

Just as a reminder, here is what it looked like before.




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