You’re the Meaning in my Life, You’re the Inspiration…

When we made the decision to demolish the old three season porch for a more functional laundry room/bathroom I was excited about the decorating possibilities.  Our style has become more refined as we’ve been working on the house and I was excited to begin working on the colors and fixtures for the space.  I love the look of our current (read only) bathroom and was ready to build off it in another room.

We designated a very small space in the addition for the bathroom thinking that we’d need more space for laundry and random baby stuff, because we all know that for someone only 13 lbs, this baby has already accumulated a lot… I mean a lot of stuff.  The goal of the laundry room was to:

A) get the washer and dryer out of the dining room
B) create more storage

C) give us a better entrance to the house than the front door

The bathroom was really only an after thought for resale value, although it will be nice to have one of the first floor, especially when we have company.

Although we really only needed to have a toilet and sink, for resale value we decided to add a shower which will abut the vanity.  To retain as much usable wall space as possible (and keep it from feeling like you’re bathing in prison) we decided on a small frosted window for the room. Unfortunately that also means that we’ll have minimal light, so we’ll need to keep the room bright with colors and fixtures.

With that criteria in mind I have started my inspiration for the room.  I recently came across this bathroom over at Love and Life at Leadora.

I love the moldings, the brightness and the fact that the vanity looks like a piece of furniture.  Definitely an inspiration room.

Although I love the molding, I’m toying with the idea of using tile on the walls as well. It could get costly and be far more labor intensive than drywall and paint, but may be worth it.  We’ll see.  In the meantime you can see other inspiration rooms on my pinterest bathroom board.



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