Color Me Bad

I love moving tile. It ranks right up there with my love for Nickelback, and Daughtry. So imagine my excitement when we had finally chosen our floor tile for the 100+- sq. ft. of the addition and I got to move it in, one box at a time. I realize this isn’t a lot of tile, but ever since I took a job mostly sitting behind a desk, any sort of heavy lifting is enough. I was even more excited after we had started to lay the tile out, that we decided the color wasn’t exactly what we wanted. The color was bad. So every box make it’s way back into the car to return at the store, and we picked up what would become the perfect choice.
I always like to dry fit the tile before mixing the mortar. This gives me a better idea of where my joints will fall, and since the mudroom and the bathroom would both be tiled I wanted to see how the transition would look between the rooms.


I decided to try a different pattern in the mudroom and add an extra bit of detail in the bathroom. It could have been because I picked up a  6 pack of really good IPA, but I was feeling confident in my tiling skills. Several hours later and I was well on my way to a tiled mudroom.


Notice that I tiles the room, and then forget to close the window. Oops.

This next picture might adequately represent how I did my tiling. 3 beers, and everything was fuzzy.


Here’s a tiling tip: When your spouse says “Hey, wouldn’t it be nice if we did a little detail on the floor of the bathroom? It would only involve cutting the corners off of each piece, and adding a mosaic detail in the cutouts.” Just reply: “No. I don’t like that idea”.

In the end it turned out okay.



I did this tile job a little differently than the kitchen. After talking with someone at the Home Depot, he suggested that I use a dry mix mortar since both rooms would be subjected to high moisture. It was a bit dirtier than the premix, but I liked it.


As you could probably tell by the previous pictures, we have also made progress on the drywall in both rooms. And I couldn’t wait any longer before mounting the Auditorium seats I picked up off of Craigslist. They are a little piece of Bangor’s history right in our addition. I can picture Miles sitting here taking his shoes off after school when he gets older. Awwwww shucks.


The area above the sets will become a place for us to display some of the hidden treasures we’ve found buried in the walls throughout the years. More on this later.




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2 responses to “Color Me Bad

  1. jan

    Love the seats. We have some vintage theater seats that we will use in our game room.

  2. UGerry

    Great job and love the seats! Nice mosaic detail too. First I hear of dry grout.Will have to research that one. Keep up the great work!

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