Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Kitchen

I have always dreamed of doing something BIG with our kitchen space. It’s not the smallest of rooms, but I knew we could do something better with the layout. One of several advantages of building the addition, was moving the door in the kitchen that lead to the porch. It wasn’t a big deal having an entryway there, it worked, but it limited what we could do with the kitchen. Now that the door has been moved and drywalled in, we can think about how our existing kitchen space can be better utilized.

When we bought the house the existing counter space was tiny. Here is all we had when we toured the house in our first visit:

More kitchen cabinets

After we moved the fridge over and added a dishwasher with the new granite countertop several years ago, our counter space more than doubled.

Finished Kitchen 001

We didn’t add any significant storage space with that latest addition, but we also didn’t have room for any more cabinets. Once we removed the door to the porch, our options opened up. We met with a local building supply store to talk about our options. Hammond Lumber Company, a family owned business in Maine, has been my go-to for lots of home projects. They helped design and guide me through the process of building the back deck, and countless other projects. Their Kitchen and Bath Design Center has been great in giving us ideas and visuals for what was possible. To give you an idea of the current layout and what we are going to get, take a look at the following image. The left is what we currently have (in less detail) and the right is the future design.


With the new layout, we’ll make room for a much larger fridge by moving it out from between the two windows to where the stove is currently located. The new stove will move to the center of the longer stretch of countertops. This will make the new stainless steel stove more of a center piece when walking in the house looking down the hallway, and also make a natural seem for the new granite counter top. We’ll have to replace the window in the upper left hand corner of the new sketch with a shorter one to make room for the base cabinet and counter top.

The new design will give us over double the counter and storage space, and give us room for a bigger fridge. We found a great deal at a local big box store on a stainless steel appliance set by Frigidaire, so the entire look of the kitchen will be updated. The new cabinets are larger and higher quality, with slow close hinges and factory finish paint. The crown moulding will help finish it all off.



The cabinets will be white to help keep the room bright. There is little natural light in this room, and when we removed the door to the porch it got even darker. With the cabinet color picked, we made a trip to our local granite dealer to shop for options. We decided on this lighter colored slab, and Miles seemed to like it too..


With the cabinets shipping in a few weeks, the most pressing tasks are getting the window replaced for a smaller one, and selling and removing the old kitchen. Hopefully this process happens without any problems. We’ll also need to prep the walls and move some electrical lines and plumbing. We’ll keep you updated as the work progresses!




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