Pack It Up, Move It In, Let Me Begin…

It’s been a busy week here, with lots of shuffling cabinets in and out. We finally got the old kitchen sold and moved out, and the counter top came apart without too much of a hassle. I’m happy with what we got for it in the end. Getting the right seller who could move it out was a big help. Three of us had it all disassembled and loaded in a U-Haul in 3 hours or so.


The old kitchen had been moved out only a few days when I got the call that our new cabinets were in. I set up a day to have them delivered and got them loaded in the house. They took up way more room than I had expected. We had boxes stacked in the dining room, hallway, living room and kitchen. My first task was getting them unpacked and organize the chaos that had taken over the first floor. I temporarily fit the base cabinets in place to see how they would fit. This gave me a good idea of where all the joints would line up.


Old houses can be tricky. There usually isn’t a level wall in the house but I got lucky hanging the wall cabinets. The first cabinet to go up was in a straight corner. Not much shimming to be done.


The rest of the cabinets went in without too much trouble. I would definitely recommend installing a ledger below the cabinets to get everything level. It not only helps to keep everything¬† in line, but it also helps with not having to hold it up before screwing them in. It adds a bit to the wall prep, having to mud and sand before paint, but it’s worth the extra effort.

The discrepancy between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling form side of the room to the other is really noticeable, so we’ll have to figure something out there. Otherwise, they look good! Next weekend we’ll tackle the base cabinets. This week the contractor will be here to remove the window and replace it with a shorter one. More pictures of that progress when it happens.



And just a reminder of where we started off when we bought the house, and a reminder why that door to the left was holding us back from a much bigger kitchen.





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2 responses to “Pack It Up, Move It In, Let Me Begin…

  1. Uncle Gerry

    Once again, great work. Even Miles seems delighted with his new kitchen!

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