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Take it for Granite

I figure it’s time to update the blog, since the countertop has been installed for a while now and other progress has been made. We finally have the hardware installed on the cabinet doors and the trim around the new window has been finished. There are a few more details we need to finish up. The crown molding that we ordered color matched to the cabinets will go in once we figure out how level out the ceiling. One option we are looking at is putting in a faux tin ceiling, or something similar. The other option is to level the ceiling with strapping and re-drywall. That would be the most work.
The last detail to finish up is under cabinet lighting. We have looked at a bunch of different options around town and nothing seems to offer a good way keep all the lights wired together and link across the microwave cabinet. I found an option at IKEA that will work well, and with the switch and plug already wired into the cabinet most of the difficult work is already complete.

So here are a few pictures of what the kitchen looks like with the new countertop. We think the granite looks great! We couldn’t be more happy with the work that Qualey Granite and Quartz did.

To see what the kitchen looked like before, click here.



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