Finally Sporting Wood

Since the concrete had been poured on the addition, we decided that we needed more room in the mudroom, since we’d be using that room more often than the bathroom. Really the only difference between the previous plan and the current is about 6 inches. This would allow the washer and dryer to not obstruct the window to the backyard.Here is the latest plan.


The position of the bathroom window changed, and we also moved the vanity to the side of the shower enclosure. The backyard still remained a DISASTER area, causing much stress.


That door leading to the infinite abyss leads to the kitchen. The ‘Big Plan’ is that once that door is moved to the left and the hole filled up, we’ll be able to add more counter space in the kitchen. The new door from the addition will lead in to the dining room. More on that breakthrough in the next post.

The process of building the foundation took much longer than we had hoped. It seemed to rain for days, and weeks, slowing the process down considerably. Also, we found out that the foundation contractor had an accident with an excavator that put him out of commission for a few weeks. When the concrete had finally cured and the back-fill pushed in to place, we were 3 weeks from the baby arriving.


To see lumber delivered was very exciting! More progress!





And that progress would bring us to 2 weeks before the baby arrived. Here’s a picture of Sara just getting home from work to check out the progress.


In the next post, I’ll cover the removal of the door in the kitchen, breaking in to the new entryway in the dining room, and the exterior will get sealed up for arrival of baby.



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